No matter the weather if you make great food for your guests in the outdoors, they will be happy. That is my experience, let me help you experience the same.


I offer services related to outdoor food and cooking for adventure travel companies, outfitter, groups and more. I want to help you to make great food in nature.

The price for every task will differ for task to task depending on the size of the task


At the bottom is a from that you can fill to contact me.

You can also contact me at


Examples of work:

  • Creating menu for your outdoor activity

    • Standard and/or with any special food needs such as vegan, gluten free, lactose free etc.

    • I have experience and understanding in different outdoor sports such as hiking (supported and unsupported), sea kayaking, canoeing, ski touring & more.

    • Multi-day trips and day trips

    • Packaging list made in Excel – Easy to calculate number of people traveling.

  • Modifications on existing menus

  • Video tutorial on how to cook each or any of the meals

  • Physical workshop to show how to cook for certain trips

  • Cooking gear recommendations

  • Other services per request

Promotional work & Testing Equipment:

If you want me to try your equipment, make videos about them*, give feedback and more you can also fill the form or send me an email to

*I only recommend equipment and products that I like to use. I will never recommend anything that I don‘t stand behind.

Lets cook great food in wilderness,

Einar Sveinn Westlund

Contact for Services

Einar Sveinn Westlund

Expert in Outdoor Food

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