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Reviews that I have received from my previous guests. If you have been a guest on one of my tours and want to write a review, you can fill out the form below or send me an email 

I was so pleased on this trip with Einar and his skill. I was 69 and older than then group, but we all stayed together and I never felt like the pace was to fast. our group were just amazing people from all types of life and we got along fabulously. Highly recommended. Great food, fun conversation and Icelandic beauty. A million laughs.

Michael Louthan - 2021 - USA


My partner Erandi and I took a hiking tour with Einar a few years back and it was one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. Einar’s intimate knowledge of his native Iceland is second to none and after a spectacular day hiking he would then prepare a delicious dinner for all our party. 

Great guide & cook, great guy and cannot recommend him enough!

Stuart Hall - 2017 - Australia


Our family (Mum, Dad & 18yo daughter) hiked the Laugavegur Trek from Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk and were pleased that we had Einar to guide us, he knew the route well and kept us informed (and entertained) along the way, he’s also a good cook! On the second day the weather closed in making navigation across the plateau difficult, but we were always confident that we were in good hands. 

Einar also knew the hut wardens, so we were always looked after well both out on the trail, and at the huts.  We stayed two nights at the Þórsmörk hut at the end so that we could hike high onto the plateau and view the recent volcanic activity, where again Einar’s knowledge gave us great insight into the volcano and the formation of the mountains.  

It really is a beautiful trail and although a couple of the huts were busy, once out hiking we saw very few other people, and it should be on everyone’s ‘to-do’ list, ideally with Einar as your guide.


Bob, Cath & Molly Worth – 2017 – UK


I am not a review writer but absolutely have to let everyone know what an absolutely incredible experience we had on our trek in July of 2017. Literally, it could not have been better. Einar is a modern day Renaissance man. His vast fund of knowledge on a variety of topics, his spirituality and of course his culinary skills even in such Spartan conditions led to one of the most memorable, enjoyable and spiritual experiences I have ever had. Further, Einar is funny as hell and really cool. I think about our adventure often. The trip to Iceland would not have been the same with any other guide. If you are going to Iceland and do go, make sure it is with Einar

David Fairleigh - 2017 - USA


Einar is a spectacular tour guide!  I had the pleasure of getting to know Einar on a group hike on the Laugavegur Trail a few years ago, and those few days are still some of my best travel memories.  Einar was patient with the parts of the trail that were challenging, very good at explaining everything from blister prevention to Icelandic history, and really a joy to spend a few days with.  On every break he would go around and make sure that everyone had what they needed and was comfortable.  Because we were hiking early in the season, one of the planned stops had too much snow to get to, so he improvised a day hike with very little notice.  I would very much recommend Einar for your next adventure into the interior of Iceland.

Kevin Lumpkin – 2015 - USA


I trekked with Einar in 2015 and couldn’t have had a better trip.  He gracefully handled a large group with multiple nationalities, fitness levels, personalities, and daily routines.  He looked for every opportunity to optimize the experience for each and every participant.  He encouraged members, when needed, and looked for special opportunities during each day to make it the optimal trek.  Meals were interesting and well-prepared with a little group effort on the side dishes.  Cooking and talking together during meal prep was part of the overall experience of getting to know each member in a different way. It only took us a little while to catch on that the code for how tough of a day it was going to be was the number of sandwiches he told us to make in the morning to have with us for lunch.    I look forward to a future trip with Einar and congratulate him on this new phase of his lengthy guiding career.

Joan Whitacre – 2015 - USA



My family and I did the amazing Laugavegur Trek in Iceland in July 2016, walking from the mountains inland back down towards the coast over 4 days. It was a great experience. Einar was our guide. He was well organized and good fun but above all he kept us safe. We walked through snow and we had to ford a river which was running quite high. He clearly knew how to assess the risk and manage these situations. I would love to visit Iceland again and would definitely choose Einar as a guide.

Ingrid Poppelwell – 2016 - Australia



My husband and I did an 8-day trek led by Einar during our first trip to Iceland. We highly recommend it and are planning to do another one! Trekking in Iceland is no joke and Einar was very safe, knowledgeable, and fun. The meals he made in very rustic conditions, and with a broad range of needs, was impressive. If he casually mentions there might be a nice little detour, DO IT. One such detour turned into our holiday card that year.

Brooke Landon – 2015 - USA



My experience with Einar 5 years ago was wonderful.  I recommend this guide to do the Laugavegur trek

Suni Gavaldá – 2016 - Spain



To anyone interested in doing a trek in Iceland I warmly recommend Einar as your guide. Not only is he very nice and caring for each kind of person what ever his age and his health is, but he is also a very good cook and he will give you a lot of funny and interesting stories related to his country. Spending those 5 days in this beautiful Landmannalaugar area was terrific, and I only wish one thing, to have the chance of flying back to Reykjavik once again as to discover this beautiful country a bit further… With Einar of course!

Yannick from Switzerland

Yannick Masson – 2015 - Switzerland


I’m very happy that you’re doing this, my trip with you as the guide and chef was excellent!

Julie O’Donald – 2015 - USA



Einar was our guide on the Laugavegur trek in Iceland a few years ago. It was a spectacular event - scenery awesome of course but it felt so adventurous walking the ice bridges and fording the rushing rivers - we had to learn all sorts of Icelandic skills and also, learned about the geology of the region including volcanoes and their little surprises. The almost endless daylight gave us such energy that one evening after a long day of trekking, we found ourselves at midnight on top of a peak, full of joy at being in such an extraordinary place.  Einar made it safe, he made it such fun and we all fell in love with Iceland and its wonderful guides.  

Gillian Lloyd – 2015 - USA



I wanted to share my absolutely terrific experience with Einar as our group guide during our hike along the mountains of Iceland. In addition to the breathtaking and gorgeous scenery along the trail, Einar shared facts and history to our tour group that made the views much more interesting. Even better was his expertise of cooking meals with simple ingredients that made meals delicious using primitive equipment. You will not be disappointed if you take a trip with Einar, his profession is guiding and he is a professional in every sense. You will not regret his adventure, giving you a lifetime of great memories, I hope to return for another in the future!

Jesse Langenhahn – 2017 – USA


We had an amazing time on our guided tour with Einar.  He is knowledgeable, caring, passionate and entertaining in equal measure.  We can't wait to find an excuse to go on another tour with him!

Charlie Mowat – 2016 – UK



I had a fantastic time on my Laugevegur trip with Einar!  He is a great guide, and very knowledgeable of Iceland culture, history, and the Laugevegur trail.  He is personable, cares about the people on his trip, and is a very talented cook.  I highly recommend taking a trip with Einar.  It is an adventure you will enjoy and remember for many years to come!

Linda Staswick – 2015 – USA


I’m sure you’ll have a great time if you travel with Einar Sveinn Westlund. 

Einar was the guide for the group of about 16 with whom I undertook the Laugavegur trail in the late summer of 2015. The going was quite hard, as the summer had been colder than usual. Snow was lying at lower altitudes, so we had to trudge through some long drifts. Einar always kept his group together, and modified plans if he thought it necessary for maximum safety. He also kept us well informed about the geology and glaciology of the area where we were trekking.

We stayed overnight in lodges, where Einar took charge in the kitchen, with a bevy of helpers. We dined very well indeed!

Einar cheerfully kept a special eye on me, the oldest member of the group, and ensured that I managed to cross the icy streams without over-balancing, and that I didn’t lag behind the group. I couldn’t have had better luck with a guide. 

Dr Helen Jenkins - 2015 - Australia


I did the Laugavegur trail with Einar in July 2017 and he was a fabulous guide - knowledgeable, witty, surefooted … come rain or shine. Everything was planned to perfection and we had lots of fun.

Gerd Schönwälder, Brussels

Gerd Schönwälder – 2017 – Belgium

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