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014 - Croque Monsieur

Updated: Apr 2

Croque Monsieur is an elevated way of making Sandwich Melt with cheese and ham. You add béchamel sauce inside the sandwich and on top with cheese on top of that. It is incredibly tasty and requires an oven usually.

I have this torch to make caramel on cremé bruleé. I wanted to melt the cheese on top of the sandwich with it. Of course, I forgot it at home so I improvised by using my stove. It worked, but I don’t recommend that technique at all. The ultimate technique would require Snow Peak Folding Torch which I absolutely have to get at some point. You can still make a version of it without putting béchamel and cheese on top. It wont be Croque Monsieur anymore but it will still be very good.


This sandwich is great! A bit difficult to make in the wilderness. I recommend you trying it at least at home. Click here to see the post in Instagram


For Béchamel:


Milk – Vegetable milk substitute works as well. We used oat milk



Muscat - Optional

For Sandwich:

Slice of Bread (x2, well... you should know what sandwich is. Named after its inventor John Sandwich in the 1700’s)

Cheese that melts easily – Cheddar works well. Original would be Gruyère cheese.








This is a two-step process to make these incredible sandwiches.

1. Melt the butter in the pot. Keep the stove at about medium heat. If you must choose, choose less heat instead of more

2. Add flour into the melted butter. Whisk to incorporate the butter and the flour together. Let it form into some sort of a dough. This is normal.

3. Add the milk and whisk until the sauce has gotten to a consistency like yogurt

4. Add salt, black pepper and muscat. Congratulations, you just made béchamel sauce.


1. Assemble the sandwich; Bread, béchamel sauce, cheese, ham, béchamel, bread. You can add extra layer of ham, cheese or both if you are feeling extra adventurous.

2. Fry on pan with butter, 2-3 minutes per side. Until it is golden brown and makes the most amazing sound if you would scrape it with a fork.

3. Optional, but make or break as if you can call it Croque Monsieur or just a ham and cheese sandwich. Add layer of béchamel sauce on top and top with cheese.

4. Torch it with out brand new Snow Peak torcher or with your créme bruleé torch or if you would want to go way out of your way you could make an outdoor oven.

Time to Cook

~15 min

Prep Before Trip

· If you are planning to make it the same day or the day after (given that the temperature is not too warm). You could make the béchamel sauce at home.

· Pack sandwich bread, butter, flour, spices, cheese and ham separately.


Additional Tips

· This is a meal you make for someone you are trying to win over.

· The béchamel works with oat milk substitute and would probably work with other types. This is a thing to consider as the shelf life is usually longer with vegetable substitutes for milk

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(Blog post made 01.09.19)

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