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013 - One Pot Pasta

Updated: Apr 2

This is a great technique to familiarize yourself with. This will allow you to make delicious and simple meals with very little planning and is much cheaper than freeze-dried adventure meals. If you are Italian, just don’t check out this technique. It might make you angry. This is a technique that I think you should give a go.

Estelle taught me this recipe. I was in much disbelieve until I tasted it.

Estelle drew these beautiful creatures on my picture. Check out Estelle's art pages; here her official web page and here on Instagram


One pot pasta is creamy, delicious and warms your soul. Watch out for elves when you make it. Click here to see the post in Instagram




Bouillon Cube – Vegetable is the easiest to fit your meal. Chicken or beef will also be good.

Pepperoni OR other cured meat - Optional

Freshest vegetables you can take with you – Your choice

I used carrots, garlic and spinach (It is highly unlikely that you will have spinach)




One pot


Spatula – Anything to stir will work


1. Fry the pepperoni in oil in your pot. Add in fresh garlic if you wish

2. Add in vegetables. You can add all in at the same time or try to figure out if you want to add some before others.

3. Add pasta and bouillon cube. Top up with water. Just enough to cover everything that is in the pot

4. Stir the pot some the ingredients mix

5. Stir occasionally

6. Serve and eat when the sauce has become thick

7. Optional (Mandatory) add Parmiggiano Reggiano Cheese on top.

Time to Cook

~15 min

Prep Before Trip

· Measure out pasta in a ziplock bag

· Take half of cube of bouillon cube per person

· Put vegetables in one ziplock bag (cut before trip or on the trip is up to you)

· Pack pepperoni separately

· Remember your spices


Additional Tips

· An excellent way to clean out your fridge before hitting the trail

· If you will be cooking it on the same day as you pack it you can possibly have vegetables that spoil quickly such as spinach.

· For longer trips think bell pepper, carrots, potatoes and onions. These are the safe choice.

· I personally prefer short pasta over long pasta(Spagetti for this dish)

· Don’t mention this technique to your Italian friends and family. Ever.

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(Blog post made 30.Jul.19)

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