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012 - Pancakes 2 - Lummur

Updated: Apr 2

These are kind of savory pancakes, called Lummur in Icelandic. Most commonly served with butter and cheese. Whereas I made these from a mix these can also be made with leftover oatmeal (porridge). If you are interested in a recipe for the leftover porridge let me knwo in the comments below.



Pancakes mix (Lummu mix) OR Leftover Oatmeal

Liquid – Water if that is all you have but it is better to add milk or even buttermilk

(Egg would make it easier to handle. But realistically you will not have any eggs)






Mixing bowl


1. Mix the mixture with water until thick

2. Heat up the pan and butter the pan.

3. Pour the first pancake in. It should be fairly small in diameter but thick. This is where thick batter is better. Fail on the first one (Everybody knows that the first pancake is always a fail, one of the mysteries of the universe).

4. Pour in another one. Wait until bubbles are exploding very slowly, then turn it.

5. Cook for a little bit.

6. Cook them all in one go. Allow your mates to start eating if they have been nice.

Time to Cook

10-15 min for all

Prep Before Trip

Accidentally prepare too much oatmeal. (Wink wink)

Take some extra butter with you.


Additional Tips

· Cinnamon is so good with these.

· I prefer to cook them all in one go. But it is also a dilemma because they are best so warm that the butter melts into them and the cheese starts to melt.

· Take turns in cooking and eating with your travel mates.

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(Blog post made 30.Jul.19)

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