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011 - Monkfish liver

Updated: Apr 2

This was experimental cooking as I had a can of monkfish liver which is sold as a gourmet food item. It came out pretty well despite the fact that it was a bit oily. If you like canned tuna, canned scallops or other inexpensive canned sea food you can give it a go.



Canned Fish – Monkfish liver, tuna, scallops or other canned fish


Shallot – or other onion


Bell pepper

Other vegetables? – The exact vegetables you use is up to you


Thick and sticky sauce – I suggest BBQ Sauce or Thick Teriyaki Sauce

3-Minute rice for microwave – Or dehydrated, precooked rice if you have that luxury.

Cooking Oil




One Pot


Spatula – Or a stick for that matter


1. Cut down the vegetables into preferred size pieces.

2. Heat up the pot with some oil

3. Put vegetables in the oil and let it cook for a bit. Not until it is perfectly cooked. Stir

4. Add the canned fish and spices to the mix and stir

5. Add the quick rice into the mixture along with the sauce and tiny bit of water.

6. Stir it all together until it is not wet anymore. Taste. If the rice are chewy but not crunchy it is ready to serve up and eat.

Time to Cook

10 min

Prep Before Trip

Pack vegetables whole OR Cut vegetables to the size you want and pack it in ziplock bag

Mix all the sauces you plan to use and pack in a small container. I recommend Nalgene mini bottles.

Pack your spice kit OR make a spice blend that you want to add to the meal and pack it, again the Nalgene mini bottles come in handy here.


Additional Tips

· It is great to add a bit of hot sauce. Keep in mind if you are cooking for others they might not appreciate the same spice level as you. In the video I used a container I once got from my sushi with soy sauce.

· You can add all vegetables in at the same time. However it is better to add them in order from the one that takes the longest time to cook to the shortest. If you make it and feel like any of the vegetable is under cooked then put it in before the others next time.

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(Blog post made 30.Jul.19)

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