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My first try to make my own dried food for adventures. It was good but lacking texture. If you have a dehydrator you should be making your own dehydrated meals for the trail. Since then I have sold my dehydrator as I was moving to another country and it was too bulky for me to travel with it. One day I will get one or build solar dehydrator and start to experiment again.

This is a very boring blog post and I am hoping that very few people will read it as it. I made it because I wanted to make a blog post for every post that I have posted on Instagram. I guess time will tell if that is a good idea.



Whatever you have dehydrated.

Butter, coconut oil or other fat

Sesame seeds or dried parsley for garnish to make it look legit.






1. I don’t really have it for you yet. Sorry. There will be a while before I will have it.

Time to Cook

10-12 min

Prep Before Trip

Dehydrate all the ingredients except for the fat.

Vacuum pack it or put it into a ziplock bag

Pack the fat separately


This video was filmed in Portrait mode as it was made for Instagram Saved Stories. I re-uploaded on YouTube

Additional Tips

· Yet to find out if the meal should be prepped whole or one ingredient at a time.

Affiliate Links

If you buy these products with the affiliate links, I will get a small percentage without making the price higher for you Win-Win. I only recommend items that I use AND would recommend in real life.

(Blog post made 30.Jul.19)

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