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008 - Croutons

Updated: Apr 2

Don’t know what to do with your old bread? Make croutons. It is so simple to make. It will make any salad interesting. You can snack your weight in croutons in one sitting.

Taught to me by a guest that I guided on my first multi-day trip that I guided alone in Iceland.



Old bread







Cutting Board




1. Cut the old bread into pieces.

2. Heat up butter and oil on your pan.

3. Add croutons to the pan. Add spices of your choice. Note if you have fresh garlic you should add it close to the end of the cooking time

4. Stir occationally. Taste occationally. You might need to add oil.

5. When it is crunchy to your tasting it is ready.

Time to Cook

5-10 minutes


This video was first posted on Instagram. Here it is re-uploaded on YouTube

Additional Tips

· Old bread can absorb lots of liquid. Which is why it is often used in meatballs or burgers. It takes a bit of oil to cook it.

· Making croutons is a great way of using leftover bread. It is better if the bread is two day old or so. But keep in mind you DON’T want it to be moldy

· Spice blends such as Italian blend or herb de Provence or any green spice blend works really well with making croutons.

· If you add fresh garlic to the pan at the same time as you add the bread cubes it will burn before the bread is perfectly crunchy.

· Use it to top up soups to add another flavor profile.

· You can make it before a trip but the croutons will get soggy over time. So maybe if you plan to eat it within a day or two.

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(Blog post made 30.Jul.19)

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