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006 - Oatbread

Updated: Apr 2

Freshly made oat-bread with melted butter and cheese. Hell yeah! This is Estelle’s recipe. Since the chocolate cake worked so well we decided to try making a bread from scratch. Unfortunately she didn’t measure any of the ingredients. I guess we will have to make a recipe some day. If you are interested in recipe let me know below in comments. Check out Estelle's art pages; here her official web page and here on Instagram



Ingredients are put here from memory more than a year later. Take it with a grain of salt or two


Oat Flour

All-purpose Flour





Outdoor Oven – There are few ways to make an outdoor oven. In this case I used a Stainless Steel 14cm Zebra Pot with thermometer, a hole drilled into the lid (which I recommend, of course you can drill it yourself to save few bucks). – See Link Below

Outdoor Oven Tray

Wood Burning Stove – I used Savotta Grumpy Stove – See Link Below

Silicone Hot Grip


1. Magically mix everything together into a leak proof container at home.

2. Go for a hike to the woods

3. Heat up the woodfire stove and your outdoor oven.

4. Gather lots of wood to keep the fire going for the cooking time.

5. Be impressed that you can actually have oven in the woods.

6. Cook for ~50 minutes

7. Let it cool down a bit

8. Serve warm with butter that melts into the freshly baked bread and thick slice of cheese.

Time to Cook

~50 minutes

Prep Before Trip

Mix everything in an airtight container. I recommend GSI Fairshare 1 (the old model) – See link below


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(Blog post made 30.Jul.19)

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