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005 – Apple Crumble

Updated: Apr 2

Crunchy buttery apple crumble that has caramelized. Crumble is easy to make and you can use any leftover cookies that you have.

I started making this when I was guiding the Laugavegur trail in Iceland. We would often have different types of cookies left which can easily be made into crunchy apple crumble. Through this dish I got nicknamed Einar Eftirréttur (Dessert-Einar)



Butter – Margiarine works as well

Brown Sugar – White sugar works also very well.

Cookies (biscuits for U.K English) – Any type, digestive cookies work particularly well

Apples – Can substitude for pears (then it isn’t really apple crumble anymore...)


The crumble is also very tasty to top up yogurt or just on its own






Something to crush the cookies


1. Cut apple into preferred size pieces.

2. Crush the cookies. It is nice to have it a bit chunky. I like to have the cookies in a bowl and crush it with a mug.

3. Heat up the pan on the stove. Keep it at low heat.

4. Add butter and sugar into the pan and keep stirring. Don’t look away, keep focused on stirring. You are now making a caramel and it can burn really easily. Which if it does. You need to scrap it and start over again.

5. Stir until you don’t feel the sugar grains against the pan anymore. Then immediately take it off the heat. Turn off the stove.

6. Quickly pour into the bowl where the cookie crumble is. Stir it quickly.

7. Put the pan on the stove again, which you have turned on. Add a bit of butter and the apple pieces.

8. Add cinnamon to the apples.

9. Stir until soft and caramelized. Add to the crumble.

10. Preferably eat while warm.

Cooking time

Few minutes. Start to finish maybe 5-10 min with cutting and crushing

Prep Before Trip

Apple – Take it whole and cut it in field. Dried apple in a ziplock bag would work as well.

2-3 cookies per person in a ziplock bag – You can use what is leftover at the end of your trip

Cinnamon in a small container - Going overnight this is a must for me to put in my oatmeal (and to use for crumble later)

Pack a little bit of butter – You don’t need a whole lot

Pack a little bit of sugar in a small container or plastic bag.


Additional Tips

· This is a great technique to use towards an end of a multi-day trip and see what everybody in your group has to offer. You will often have already crumbled cookies, nuts, some fruit. Just remember to bring sugar and butter.

· Don’t look away from the caramel. Or else, it will burn. You can’t mask the taste of burned caramel. Yes, I have tried.

· Try it out, you will likely find yourself using this as a base to all your dessert. That is what I do anyways.

· It recommend a flathead spatula if you can. You can feel the sugar better and when it starts to liquidize.

· You can also use muesli, oats and nuts as a substitute or mixed into the cookies.

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(Blog post made 30.Jul.19)

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