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004 – Chocolate Cake

Updated: Apr 2

Freshly baked chocolate cake in nature is incredible! Don’t believe me? Well, of course you do. This was my first time baking in the wild. It came out really well. This time I used cake mix. If there is a demand in getting a recipe I can make one.

The Firebox Stove sells Zebra Pot (Thai brand) and a full kit for baking which is pretty neat.



If you want me to make a recipe, comment below and I can make it happen!

Chocolate cake mix

Chocolate chips




Outdoor Oven – There are few ways to make an outdoor oven. In this case I used a Stainless Steel 14cm Zebra Pot with thermometer, a hole drilled into the lid (which I recommend, of course you can drill it yourself to save few bucks) and a top wire (which I don’t really recommend, I need to find a better system). – See Link Below

Outdoor Oven Tray -

Stove – Wood Burning Stove – I used Savotta Grumpy Stove – See Link Below

It might be possible to use gas canister stove. I haven’t found a good way to attach the pot so it won’t move.

Silicone Hot Grip – This is one of the items that I always use when cooking in nature. I got one in a supermarket nearby for very cheap. If it is marked as Outdoor Silicone Grip you will pay upwards of 5x the price in supermarkets.

Container to mix the cake mix in

Small whisk


1. Heat up the stove and make sure you have plenty of firewood to fuel while the cake is baking

2. Put the pot sideways on the stove. Place few stones into it and put the platform inside.

3. Mix the cake mix with with water. You want to mix to be thick and lump free.

4. Pour the mix into buttered oven pan. Add chocolate chips on top.

5. Bake for 10 minutes more than the instructions say. Check occasionally.

6. Serve witch whipped cream if you have the luxury. But you don’t.

7. Eat while warm.

Time to Cook

~40 minutes this time.

Prep Before Trip

Buy chocolate cake mix

Pack a bit of butter to butter the baking tray

Pack chocolate chips, If you accidently pack too many don’t you worry. You can snack on that.


This video is horizontal as it was made for Saved Stories in my Instagram account.

Additional Tips

· Chocolate chips makes this kind of cake to feel like homemade cake.

· Cooking time is probably going to be longer than the instructions.

· Don’t make an outdoor oven with teflon coating or other kinds of coating. The fire from the wood is so hot it will break of that coating layer.

· If you have two stoves, you can start baking the cake before you cook your meal. That way you can eat the cake just after your main dish.

· Make sure the fire is in a safe place. You don’t want to leave mark on the nature if possible.

· If you make this on a multi-day trip towards the end of the trip people will love you endlessly.

Non-Affiliate Links

Stainless Steel Zebra Billycan 14cm – I Do recommend taking these addons; Billy baking kit, Billy can oven thermometer,Drill hole(You can easilly do this yourself if you have the tools). Everything went smooth when I ordered the pot, I will get my ands on the firebox stove eventually. Especially the Nano:


Case for the Zebra Pot 14cm – This is a very sturdy case for the pot. I highly recommend getting this as well:


Baking kit for Zebra Billy can, you can add all the extras above here including the Billy Can.



Affiliate Links

Zebra Stainless Steel Billy Can 14cm – I use this one a lot. It is big and works well on woddfire as well as gas canister. Also, you can easily turn it into an outdoor over. Which is pretty cool.


Zebra Stainless Steel Billy Can 12cm – While I don’t have this one I imagine it would be a better size for one or two people.


Zebra Stainless Steel Billy Can 16cm – I imagine this size will be too big for most cases. But I decited to link it anyways.


Savotta Grumpy Stove – Woodfire stove – I got this one for Christmas of 2017 after talking about how cool it is every time I saw it. It is a fun stove. There are better wood fire stoves, but this one is the grumpy stove. It’s nice to take photos of it as well. It packs flat and comes with a storage bag.


Savotta Happy Stove – Woodfire stove – This is the happy brother of the Grumpy Stove. Maybe you prefer that one.


Savotta Big Bad Stove – Woodfire Stove (XL) – This is a bigger stove than the Grumpy and Happy stoves. I think this one would be better to cook with because it is bigger in size.


If you buy these products with the afiiliate links I will get a small precentage without making the price higher for you Win-Win. I only reccomend items that I use AND would recommend in real life.

(Blog post made 30.Jul.19)

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