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003 – Pancakes 1 – Shake&Bake

Updated: Apr 2

If you aren’t already. You should start to make pancakes. Even the Shake&Bake mixtures are great in field. It is especially great if you find fresh berries to top it with.

Thanks to White Meadow Farms in Canada for the maple syrup. I actually got it as a tip in Iceland when guiding.Their maple syrup is incredibly good and they have very handy 100ml plastic jugs which fit nicely in your cooking kit. This is not paid promotion. I just really liked this maple syrup.



Pancake mix, dry


Butter (or Margarine)

Maple Syrup or other topping of choice


Milk Powder


1. Mix the pancake mix with water and milk powder in a bowl or a pot.

2. Heat up a pan, butter the pan.

3. Pour a bit of the pancake mix onto the pan.

4. When bubbles stop forming and the edge is becoming solid, flip the pancake over.

5. Heat for half a minute or so and take it off.

6. Make some more pancakes


Click image to see video on Instagram in Saved Stories. This video is made in portrait mode.

Additional tips

· First pancake usually gets messed up

· You want the dough to be thick but liquid

· Some days it just does not seem to work at all

· Most Shake&Bake dry pancake mixes say that you need to add an egg. In my opinion you can usually skip it and add liquid instead.

· This is so simple and people really apreciate it.

· You might need to tap-dry the pan with paper. Bring some paper with you.

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Savotta Happy Stove – Woodfire stove – This is the happy brother of the Grumpy Stove. Maybe you prefer that one.


Savotta Big Bad Stove – Woodfire Stove (XL) – This is a bigger stove than the Grumpy and Happy stoves. I think this one would be better to cook with because it is bigger in size.


If you buy these products with the afiiliate links I will get a small precentage without making the price higher for you Win-Win. I only reccomend items that I use AND would recommend in real life.

(Blog post made 29.Jul.19)

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