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002 – Espresso or Coffee Made With Percolator

Updated: Apr 2

Peculator (Moka in Italian) is the most common way to make coffee at home in Italy. It adds a bit of weight but is worth the good coffee.

I got mine on my 18th birthday from my Italian mom and have used it every day since then. I change the rubber seal occasionally. This is a great way to make espresso on adventures. I made this post partially for consistency with the Instagram Profile.


  • Coffee

  • Water


  1. Put water in the bottom piece. Up until the pin.

  2. Put the middle piece on top of it. Fill up with coffee. Don’t press it

  3. Close with top piece

  4. Put on stove. Wait until steam with according sound comes and your coffee is ready


I haven’t made any video of this. Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to make a video.

Additional tips

  • It takes few brews to break in the percolator. I recommend you to buy some chrap coffee and brew it few times at home before taking it to the field. Make it and pour it down the drain few times.

  • Never put it in dishwasher

  • When you clean in only rinse with water. It is good practice to let the bottom piece and the middle piece dry upside down or to dry it with paper towels after each use.

  • There are different sizes from 1 cup to 18 cups. These cups are measured in a unit of espresso, 30 ml or 1 fl.oz.

  • I do recommend this technique for up to four people per stove.

  • You can get a 4-cup one or 6-cup one and put less coffee if you want to make normal coffee.

  • I recommend getting 1 to 4 cup units. Then if you want to make for more people you can get another one.

Gear that I used

I will always put affiliate links whenever I can. That means if you use those links I will get a small gratuity without it costing more for you. I personally stand behind anything that I recommend and will NEVER recommend things that I wouldn’t use. You can of course buy these things through different means where your best option is your local outdoor shop, just tell them I sent you!

Bialetti Moka (Percolator) – I have had the 2-cup one (again the cups are measured in espresso) since 2009 and have used it every day. I also have one 6-cup one since 2009 as well. I just don’t find myself using it that often. For that reason, I do recommend getting up to 4-cups. Then if you think you will need more buy another one of up to 4 cups.

Bialetti Moka (Percolator) 1-cup:


Bialetti Moka (Percolator) 2-cups:


Bialetti Moka (Percolator) 3-cups – This one would probably be good if you want to make one normal coffee:


Bialetti Moka (Percolator) 4-cups:


KitchenCraft Gas ring reducer – AS these perculators are too small for many stoves I do reccommend getting this small ring to make the perculator fit on your stove. I haven’t tried this one, but I could see how how it would make life easier:


Kupilka 21 cup – I got this cup for my 27th birthday. It is sturdy, lightweight and comfortable to use. I do want to point out though it is good to clean it in a dishwasher from time to time or to only use it for one thing such as coffee. It keeps some of the taste after using it.


MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Stove – I have had MSR Pocket Rocket (number 1) since 2012. I can really recommend that one. The pocket rocket 2 is more compact and has better output.


Canister Stand – I recommend this for any stove that goes on top of the gas canister. I have a different brand, but this was the cheapest I found. It makes the stove much more stable than otherwise.


Blog post made 29.Jul.19

Updated 16.Jan.20

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