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Guided hiking tours in iceland 2021


Covid-19 Information

Last updated 08th of June, 2021

New rules apply to countries with lots of cases. It is quite complicated to read about. However, if you have been fully vaccinated and are from those country, you can still enter normally.

Keep in mind that I am NOT a law professional nor a health professional. I am trying to give a simple overview of who can travel to Iceland due to Covid-19. Any information you  read here might be wrong. Be sure to read and understand the rules and laws at the official Covid web page of Iceland www.covid.is/english


You can travel to Iceland without quarantine if;

You can travel to Iceland with a 5-day quarantine if;

  • A)    You are from Schengen Area (EEA / EFTA) and have a negative PCR-test.


Everyone that travels to Iceland MUST

  • Pre-register at https://visit.covid.is/ before traveling from your country of travel.  

    • The form can't be confirmed and sent until 72 hrs before your arrival in Iceland.

    • Some fee may apply. 

  • Take a Covid test at the border.

Current rules in Iceland

  • Official rules and legislation for Covid www.covid.is/categories/effective-restrictions-on-gatherings

  • Face masks need to be worn inside in public, in public transportation and taxis.

  • 2-metre (6 feet) distance rule of other people applies indoors and outdoors

  • Restriction on number of people that are allowed in one place does not apply to public transportation, coach travel, domestic flights, ferries and response units.

  • The maximum number of people that are allowed in one location is 20.

    • Bigger shops such as grocery stores have exception. They have certain amount of people per every certain number of square metres. With maximum of 100 people for regular shops and 100 people for grocery stores.

  • Restaurants and bars can have open with the 30 people inside

    • I highly recommend pre-booking to any restaurant that you plan on dining at. I will happily assist you with that if requested. 

  • Restaurants and bars must close at 21:00 (09:00 PM latest). All guests must have left before 22:00 (10:00 PM)

  • Swimming pools and gyms are .open to 50% capacity

  • Museums have limit of 10 people at a time.

  • Live events and theater are not allowed.

During the trip

  • Masks are required while in the bus to and from Laugavegur hike.

  • Mask are required inside the mountain huts.

    • Except while eating.

    • Masks are not required while outside.

  • We will be cleaning our hands a lot and using hand sanitizer.

  • We will keep the 2-metre rule.

  • We will follow all expected covid procedures. 

Traveling to Iceland

Icelandair offers flexible flight cancellations and re-schedules.

I am not affiliated with Icelandair in any way. The information is from their web page.


  • Icelandair offers re-scheduling or flight voucher if you cancel. As well as option of refund if they cancel a flight.

  • Read here about flexible cancellations and re-schedules when traveling with Icelandair www.icelandair.com/en-gb/support/covid-19/faq/

If you have any covid related question or concern you can ask in the contact page.