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3-Day Food-Based Hiking Trip in Thorsmork, Iceland.

Stunning hike in the Southern Highlands of Iceland. Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk. Sleeping in tents, cooking and eating in a kitchen tent. 8 guests max per group. 

Total price 189.990 ISK

Iceland - 2022

3-Day Book Now

3-Day Food-Based Hiking Adventure in Iceland

Maximum 8 guests per trip. Minimum 4 guests per trip.

2023 Departures:

  • June 16th - 18th

  • July 14th - 16th

  • August 18th - 20th

Icelandic guide (me) with years of experience as a hiking guide with food specialty.

When you think about Iceland, what probably comes to mind is raw nature such as glaciers, rivers and mountains. Tranquility and scenic landscapes is why many people dream about having adventure in Iceland. If you are like me, then you appreciate delicious food, especially when traveling and after a good hike.

With this tour I am combining my love of nature, with slowing down and taking in the landscape as well as offering food cooked with some of the best quality ingredients you can find in Iceland.

Thorsmork is my favorite place in Iceland for hiking adventures. The area is nestled in a valley between 3 different glaciers. Glacier rivers are slowly forming the stunning landscape. The smell of the small Birch trees and other vegetation mixed with rugged looking alpine mountains. Every time that I am in Thorsmork, I feel a sense of calmness and stillness. Almost as being part of the nature surrounding me.

Iceland as well as the other Nordic countries has been getting recognized as a destination for food since the early 2000’s. With the New Nordic Cuisine. We have so many tasty and interesting ingredients. From the oceans to the mountains. The fish are freshly caught, the sheep roam around the mountains in the summertime, the ground vegetables are grown in volcanic soil and the moisture in the air allows for delicate edible flowers and herbs. I worked as a forager (picking wild edible plants) at Restaurant Noma in 2020 for 7 months. I am on a mission to find the different flavors from nature. Only the freshest ingredients are used on this tour. I strive to use local ingredients as much as possible. For us to get a sense of the place both with the landscape and the food. You can expect freshly caught cod fish, basted in butter with crunchy outside. Grilled lamb with homemade flatbread and a fresh herb-based sauce. With sides of small Icelandic potatoes and carrots. We will try to find some herbs to forage on for every meal. For me, food is all about the small details. Which when they are done correctly with the right ingredients, good people and the right setting. Then you have a feast.

Since I knew I wanted to become I guide I have been pushing myself to try to make the food better and better. By having different elements, textures and perfectly salted with sea salt. All to make the experience better.

It is a camping trip with a base camp in Thorsmork. We will camp in the same place for both nights. There is running drinking water, running toilets, showers and alcohol available for purchase.

We will have a spacious kitchen tent with gas burners, tables, chairs and all the cooking equipment inside. While I don’t rent out camping equipment it is easy to rent through a partner company. Which can be picked it up from the same location as we will get the bus in the morning.

Thorsmork has different hiking possibilities. Here are examples of hikes we might do or a variation of these hikes. Note, the hiking route we will take might change without a notice.

Réttarfell – Einstígur – Álfakirkja

The hike starts on flat as we hike over the ever-changing glacial river Króssá. Polished obsidian and other types of volcanic basalt is on the riverbed. There are bridges to cross the glacial river. The hike up Réttarfell mountain is scenic with a great overview of the whole area. With Eyjafjallajökull glacier to the south and M‎ýrdalsjökull to the east. A stunning overview of the whole valley with a view to the north into the Icelandic highland. Choice of a ridge for the way back which is more scenic or going down a valley and making a loop.

Hiking Distance: Approx. 5 km (3 miles)

Elevation Gain: 260 m (850 ft)

Tindfjallahringur – Rjúpnafell – Útigönguhöfði

We start by going up forested area, not really forested to any standard except Icelandic standards. The trail goes towards Trolla Kirkja (Troll’s Church), Goes around Tindfjöll (Peaky Mountains) and ends with an overview cliff called Útigönguhöfði. Where Mýrdalsjökull glacier can be seen and often heard through the valleys as icebergs fall off cliffs and echo through the valley.

Rjúpnafell (Mount Ptarmigan) can be added to this trail to get a fantastic 360° of the area and the three glaciers around. As it is steep to go to the top this part will be evaluated with every group.

Hiking Distance: Approx. 8 km (5 miles)

With Rjúpnafell Approx. 10 km (6 miles)

Elevation Gain: 300 m (1000 ft)

With Rjúpnafell Approx. 500 m

Valahnúkur and Merkurrani

A small mountain with diverse fauna and flowers. While it is small it makes for a really nice hike for the last day. We will make it into loop hike, go up and over Valahnúkur, check out Snorraríki Cave and either take the longer route or go to Sönghellir cave as well. On top of Valahnúkur you can see the texture of Eyjafjallajökull glacier, beautiful shades of blue and black. Parts of the eruption from 2010 can also be seen from that 360° panorama viewpoint.

Hiking Distance: Approx. 6 km (4 miles)

With Merkurrani Approx. 10 km (6 miles)

Elevation Gain: 250 m (820 ft)

Included in the Tour:

Transportation to Thorsmork in a schedule highland bus from BSÍ Bus Station

Camping spot for two nights (tent not included)

Guiding in English

All food on the trip. Light snacks on the bus. 2x Breakfast, 3x Lunch, 2x Dinner and Snacks.

3x Shower tokens

Transportation from Thorsmork in a schedule highland bus to BSÍ Bus Station

VAT in Iceland

Not Included in the Tour:

Flight to and from Iceland

Transportation from hotel to BSÍ Bus Station and from BSÍ Bus Station to Hotel

Accommodation in Reykjavík before and after the tour

Alcohol (As per law), you are welcome to bring your own

Personal hiking gear (Backpack, rain gear, hiking boots etc)

Personal camping gear (Tent, sleeping bag etc)

Personal Travel Insurance

Packing list

Download Packing List

Due to the nature of this tour and being in nature. I can not guarantee any food item not having trace amounts of certain foods. Which is why at the time being I can’t cater to severe food allergies of any type (anaphylaxis) or celiac disease (severe gluten intolerance) or other diseases and conditions that don’t allow you to eat trace amounts of certain foods.

I do offer special diet requirements for vegetarians, gluten-free and lactose-free for extra fee each.

Unfortunately, I don’t offer any other food modifications at the moment, including vegan diet.

Menu for the tour

Coming soon


Coming soon

Meeting Point and Drop of Point

Meeting at 06:30 AM on first day. Bus leaves at 07:00 AM

Back to Reykjavík at approx. 07:30 PM (19:30) – Bus leaves Thorsmork at 03:00 PM (15:00)

BSÍ Bus Station - Vatnsmýrarvegur 10, 101 Reykjavík

Refund Policy

More than 60 days' notice - 90% refund

Less than 60 days’, more than 30 days notice - 80% refund

Less than 30 days’, more than 14 days’ notice - 50% refund

Less than 14 days‘ notice - No refund

If you have any questions, please email me at

I am looking forward to hear from you

-Einar Sveinn Westlund

Map of the tour

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