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My name is Einar Sveinn Westlund and I am 32-year-old Icelandic adventure guide and owner of Feast in the Wild. I love to explore nature, travel and food. I am curious and I like to share what I have learned. For the past 15 years I have lived in 6 different countries including Iceland, Italy, Canada, Finland, France and Denmark. Each country has taught me different things about culture, people and food. In 2014 I graduated with a 2-year Adventure Guide Diploma from Thompson Rivers University in Canada. In 2015 I started to guide. Since then I have guided numerous amount of people that were happy with my service. I always try to learn something new from every group that I guide. In 2020 I learned how to forage wild edible plants from Michael Fitzner of restaurant Noma in Copenhagen for seven months. It is fascinating to learn about the different Nordic flavors that can be found in nature. When guiding I try to be both informative and entertaining.

Looking forward to showing you around the unique places in Iceland and meeting you.

-Einar Sveinn Westlund

Owner, CEO, Guide, Cook, and everything else at Feast in the Wild

About me

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I was so pleased on this trip with Einar and his skill. I was 69 and older than then group, but we all stayed together and I never felt like the pace was to fast. our group were just amazing people from all types of life and we got along fabulously. Highly recommended. Great food, fun conversation and Icelandic beauty. A million laughs.

Michael Louthan - 2021 - USA


Thanks, I'll get back to you before the next eruption... hopefully

Please use the contact for if you have any questions, comments or concerns. I always try to respond 24 hours. You can also contact me via email



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